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At Follow Your Buyer we understand the challenges of B2B marketing and sales and how difficult your job is. We know there are no shortcuts, tricks, or magic dust that produces leads. B2B buyers have changed the way they make purchasing decisions and we think B2B sellers deserve a better framework for engaging and influencing them that results in closed business.    

We are also passionate about B2B marketing and sales, it is our life’s work to share the knowledge and experience from the best in our profession. Each week we publish advice and best practices and you can have it e-mailed directly to you by signing up. I am confident this will be on your must read list each week!

Perry Rearick, Chief Editor

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About Follow Your Buyer

Follow Your Buyer is a division of VertMarkets, a B2B publishing, media services, and data analytics company that helps execute effective marketing strategies. Our mission is to identify and understand who is involved in the evaluation, selection, and purchase of their products. The Follow Your Buyer methodology helps suppliers attract and influence new prospects, nurture and further educate existing prospects, and grow their share of wallet from existing customers.